Mylo Productions
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Mylo Productions

Mylo Productions, Inc is a digital cinema company that can take your project from start to finish. Whether a film, series, commercial, promotional, music video, interview, PSA or custom video for any use, we have the equipment (including our new RED Dragon) and experience to make it happen.

Mylo Productions is a post production shop using the latest tools to provide editing, sound mixing, scoring, color grading and graphics.

We deliver beautiful digital cinema, full-bodied audio, and Hollywood lighting to projects from modest to grand.

Let us join you wherever you are in your project's life cycle. Not sure how to get started? We can help you conceive and manage your project. That's how we got started! Hugh Scully, cinematographer, director, screenwriter and founder of Mylo Productions will facilitate your conception and execute the plan. We have a network of professionals that manage your project and even help you with your content.

Make it happen. Let us help.